Monday, April 30, 2012

Field Trip!

Today we took a trip to the Railway Museum in Perris, CA with Autumn's school.  It was her first field trip on a school bus and she was extremely excited!!  Of course I was a nervous wreck!  Unfortunately many other parents also had worries for their children and decided to volunteer for the trip as well.  So there was not enough room on the bus for all of the parents.  So I drove with another mom and we followed the school bus.  I was disappointed that I was not able to take a whole bunch of pictures of my Autumn on her first bus but oh well I think that I will live.  After we got to the museum we were given another student to keep track of.  So Autumn, Joshua and I went around with the other students and looked at the old trains and we took a couple different rides on an old trolley and street car.  The kids LOVED it of course!  They were so cute they took being each others buddies very seriously and never left each others side!  We had lunch on some picnic tables and then we headed to the gift shop and then back to the bus.  It was a long day in the sun and by the time we got home I was completely exhausted!  I fell asleep within a matter of seconds and Autumn was right there next to me snoring.  I had a great day spending time with my Autumn and her little friends.

Also this morning I went to Target and went through all of the Smash products that they had because I wanted to get their little special pens for my book.  I found so many little goodies and they were on sale so that was even better!!  I got all three colors of pens, (black, pink, and light blue) some cute polka dot tape, a date stamp, and an ink pad.  I had so much excitement flowing through me since I was going on the field trip and I would be able to write while there!  Then I realized I forgot my Smash journal at home...FAIL!!  Anyways after my nap I filled out a page dedicated to Autie's first field trip.  I can really see myself becoming addicted to my folder because it has been all that I have wanted to do!  So I will leave you with a look at my smash finds and a little peek at my page so far.


  1. I haven't put a single thing in mine.... Although I am going to Disneyland Thursday... Maybe I can get cast members to sign it?

    1. I have done a few pages. I really like it and it is really easy for me to come up with the things to put in it.