Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY Budget Folder

Yay! Another post about budgeting! I will try not to bore anyone to death with this post. I know that I mentioned before that my husband and I are taking a financial class to help us get our finances and priorities in order. Now that we have been in this class for a couple months I am really beginning to enjoy and see the value in taking this class at a younger age. I hope that this will help us prepare a better future for our family. The day before yesterday I decided that I needed to prepare a folder that will hold everything that we are budgeting for during a 1 week period.

I began with an old planner binder that I had from last year, which worked perfectly.

Next I picked out the paper that I wanted to use as my folders for the money that we have budgeted for.  I used 8X8 cardstock from the Once Upon A Time card stack.

I then cut each 8X8 paper down to 6"3/4"X7" and then I scored each one at 3"3/4 it is a little of center because I left room for the hole punches.  I then score the right side of the paper at 3" and stopped at the other score line.

 After all of the scoring was complete I cut the upper top right corner off of the the paper along the score lines.

I then folded the paper along the score line and then took my sewing machine and sewed along the outer  bottom edge to form my envelope.  I really like the look of sewn paper!

After, I added the names of what each folder will be used for.  There is one for our Groceries, Household items, (basically all the shopping we do at Target or the hardware store) Entertainment, Blow money which is money that we can do anything with, and Extra, for any extra expenses that we have each month.  I am curious to see how this will all turn out but I am excited!

I then placed them in my small folder and added lined paper behind each folder so that I can keep a written record of each purchase.

I hope it all goes as planned!  

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