Sunday, December 30, 2012

The New Year is Coming!

So it has been awhile since I have updated this little blog.  The busyness has been nonstop since Halloween and now that Christmas is over hopefully things will start to slow down.  All I want to do is hang out at home with my family.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve we are celebrating by staying home and drinking some sparkling grape juice.  I can't wait!  With it being New Years everyone is deciding what their resolutions will be.  Usually I don't even bother with them because I almost always forget about them about two weeks into January.  But this year, this year I will try harder and at least make it to March!  No seriously though there are some goals that I would like to accomplish this next year!

#1.  Lose weight!!  This goal is probably on top of 90% of everyone's resolutions!  But seriously  I lost a lot of weight while I was pregnant with Finn and then after I had him I lost even more so lets keep the ball rolling and lose more so that I can reach my goal weight!  I want to start eating healthier and I want the kids to have healthy eating habits.

#2.  Be more crafty!  I think that this year I did lots of crafting and I would like to keep it going and  do even more crafty things.  My house needs some major decor.  We have been living here for three and a half years and I feel like there is hardly anything going on with my walls.  Also I would really like to join in on some handmade swaps that I always see going on!!

#3.  Blog more!  I started this blog with the hopes of documenting most of our lives on here.  So far I have been a huge failure at doing so!  A couple months ago I got a really nice camera so be prepared for lots of photos because that is ...

#4.  Take more pictures!  Like I said I got a new camera and I am going to start bringing it with me everywhere. (almost everywhere..) My kids are growing so fast and I already wish I had more pictures of them.

So these are some goals that I would really like to accomplish this year!  I think that they are pretty realistic and that I just need to keep myself focused!  I am also looking for some new blogs to read!  So if anyone has some recommendations please send them my way!  I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!!  As always I will leave you with some pictures of my lovelies!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Just a few pics

Here are a few pictures that we took the other day at the UCR botanical gardens.  We were there with family getting some pictures taken and these are a few that I got of the kids.



Here are a couple of Finn that I took yesterday.  He is just perfect.  I am so blessed to be his mommy.

Tomorrow Finn will 5 weeks old.  Time is really going by super fast!  Now he is beginning to smile and giggle and it is the best thing ever!!  I love his little laugh!  He has already grown out of newborn clothes and is in 0-3 months and he is fitting in some 3-6 months.  I think I am gonna have another big boy on my hands.  

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween came and went so fast this year!  We had family over at our house and the kids all went trick or treating around the neighborhood.  I miss going trick or treating with all of my cousins.  There would be about 20 of us parading through the neighborhood running from house to house trying to be first to get candy.  We had so much fun.  The kids had so much fun dressing up and going out to get candy.  This was the first year that they didn't match and that is because I slacked off a little this Halloween (seeing how I had a newborn to take care of) but I will be back on track next year!!  Autumn was Draculaura from Monster High, Deegan was a ninja and Finn was a skeleton.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Today the weather is perfect.  This is the fall weather that I love so much.  I always look forward to this time of year.  This year it is extra special because it was brought on by our beautiful baby Finn!  The past couple weeks have been a serious blur and it already feels like Finn has been with us forever.  It has been a new challenge for us to get used to having two kids who are in school and a newborn but I think that we are doing just fine and everyone is adapting really well.  Autumn and Deegan love their new baby brother and both of them love to help when they can.  They love to kiss and cuddle with him and they constantly tell him how much they love him.  It is a beautiful thing to see my family love each other so much.  I want us to always be this close and loving with eachother, just like I have always been with my family.  We went to the Live Oak Pumpkin Patch in Yucaipa (which is always awesome!) and the kids picked out a few pumpkins.

The kids had lots of fun and it was nice and not busy at all!  Autumn has another loose tooth that is going to fall out anytime now.  This will be the third tooth that she has lost and she is so excited for another tooth fairy visit!

I hope everyone is enjoying this fall weather as much as I am!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Finn Elias Borruel

On October 2nd, 2012 at 10:46 AM we welcomed our beautiful Finn Elias into this world.  He is perfect in every way.  He weighed 8lb 3oz and was 20.5 inches long.

On Monday my mom had gone in to the hospital to have surgery so that evening after Antonio got home I drove down there to visit her and see how she was doing.  I was only there for a couple of hours but during that whole time I was standing and walking around so I was super tired by the time I left.  I went home around 8 PM and when I got home I noticed that I was really sore in my pelvis but I thought it was just from standing around for so long.  So we went to bed and I got up once to use the bathroom and I was hurting and super sore but I went and then got back in bed and went back to sleep.  Then at 2:30 AM as I was laying in bed I just felt something snap and jumped out of bed just as my water broke.  I had never had my water break and luckily none even got on my bed!  I was super happy about that!  So I woke Antonio up and he called his parents so that they could come stay with the kids.  I hobbled to the bathroom (every time I would move more water would gush out) and took a shower.  His parents arrived and we left for the hospital.  We got to the hospital and we walked in (water was till constantly gushing out so I looked like I peed my pants and my sandals were soaked) and we went up to labor and delivery.  The nurse brought us to our room and we started the delivery process!  All of my labors have been pretty easy with no complications but this one was the fastest out of all of them for me thankfully!  They started me on pitocin and within an hour I was at 4 cm and I was able to request my epidural.  The contractions were starting to get pretty strong and I wanted to make sure that I got an epidural in time!!  After they gave me the epidural and I was comfortable I started to dilate pretty fast and within a couple hours it was time to push.  I did about four solid pushes and then he just slipped out!  So in total I was in labor for about 5 1/2 hours.

The kids are in love with their new baby brother!  At this point they like to fight over who gets to be up in his face and I am sure they will get tired of it once they get used to him.  They always ask if they can kiss him or give him a hug  and my Autumn Layce is such a big helper!  Deegan wants nothing to do with dirty diapers so whenever it's diaper change time he is nowhere to be found. 

 Since my mom had just had surgery she could not be there with me for the delivery.  She was with me with both Autumn and Deegans delivery so it was really sad for me that she couldn't be there and that she was stuck in another hospital.  So my sister took her place and she was with me and Antonio the whole time and she did such a good job and I am so glad that she was able to be there.

Yesterday my mom was able to come home and we went over so that she could meet Finn!  I am so happy that we are all home safe and sound.  We love our little Finn and our thrilled to have another precious baby to make us a family of 5!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I think that these days I don't show my gratitude for a lot of the things that I have been blessed with.  It is so easy to get caught up in life and forget about how lucky I really am for everything in my life.

I am grateful for my beautiful kids.  They are the joy within every single day for me.  They make me laugh all day and they make me so proud to be their Mommy.  There are days where I get stressed out and all I want to do is hide from everyone but I wouldn't trade that stress for anything in the world.  I am so lucky to be able to share my life with such amazing little people.

I am grateful for my incredible family, every single one of my of my relatives has had some sort of effect on my life and I am thankful for all of them including the family that I was so lucky to marry in to.  Family has always been a huge part of my life, some of my best friends are actual family members and I am very grateful for them.

I am grateful for the friends that I have made and the ones that are still around for me today.  I love my friends and even though some of us have grown apart I still feel close to them and I am thankful for the time that I do get to spend with them.

I am grateful that we are able to have our own house and a safe place for our family to live.  There are days where I complain that our house is about to bust at the seams because of our growing family. (and clutter!)  But in reality we are lucky to have our own house and for that I am very thankful.

And last but definitely not least, the thing that I am extremely grateful for is my husband Antonio.  He is the reason that I have so many things to be grateful for.  He makes me smile the biggest and laugh the hardest.  He really is my best friend and partner in life.  He makes huge sacrifices for this family and he never complains about it.  Our life is not perfect but it is perfect for us and I wouldn't change anything about it.  I really love getting to be his wife and being able to spend time with him everyday.

This is in no way the end of my list of things that I am grateful for but it is a start and it feels good to write out these things and acknowledge them.  I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Almost There!

We are down to about 3 weeks left until we get to meet our little Finn!!  I am at the stage where I am starting to get nervous about the labor.  The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Autumn and Deegan.  I psych myself out and scare myself usually right before I go to bed when my thoughts are racing!  I know in the end I will be just so happy to have my family of 5 all together!  I can't wait to spend time with just the 5 of us so that we can all bond together.  I feel like Finn will complete us as a family and I am so excited for him to be here.  Anytime I leave the house Deegan asks me if I am going to "Go get Finn taken out?" or when I come home he asks "Did your baby come out yet?"  I know the kids are super excited for their new little brother and I can't wait for them to meet him.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School Day

I HATE back to school day.  I don't like one thing about it.  Today was spent driving around for hours.  (Not really, but that is seriously what it felt like.)  I know many parents are always so excited when it comes time for their kids to go back to school.  They think "YES! the kids are going to be gone all day!"  I am the complete opposite.  I miss them every second that they are gone.  I want to be with them all day.  Any excuse for them to miss school,  I'll use it!  The silence drives me crazy when they aren't there.  Of course the kids LOVE school which makes me hate it even more because they actually want to go.  Also I am not the type of parent who can just kick their kid out of the car and tell them to have a good day.  I have to find somewhere to park (which is usually in the nearby neighborhood) and walk my kids as far as the campus aides will allow me to go.  Maybe when they get older this will change, meh I doubt it.  I wish summer vacation was 6 months long then maybe I would appreciate school.  Soon I will be lugging a stroller and infant around on these school trips so that is something to look forward to.

Anyways that was my little rant about how today went.  It will get better.  The beginning is always the worst for me and I am just exhausted and I feel like I ran a marathon today all while be 35 weeks pregnant.  Incredible.  Have a wonderful evening!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dream Catcher Decor

So I made a dream catcher this evening while I was watching all of the murder shows on the ID channel.  I am sadly very intrigued by that channel and I would probably watch it all day long if I could.  So back to the dream catcher, I have been meaning to fill up my walls with some sort of decor or artwork but I never find time to think about what I actually want to do.  So tonight I thought about making a dream catcher to hang on the living room wall.  I am very pleased with how it turned out and it was super easy to make.  So if anyone is interested here are some steps I used in making mine.

After this I tied strings of beads, wire and feathers to dangle below.