Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another DIY Project!

So I think that it is pretty obvious that I am DIY mode right now!  I seem to be on a roll with wanting to create things nonstop.  I was browsing Target last week when I came across a new product (at least I think it is new) called a Smash Folio.  It is a small notebook with different types of blank pages to use as a sort of on the go scrapbook.  It also came with a pen that was a glue stick on one end so that you could glue whatever you wanted into your notebook.  I fell in love with this idea!!  I am a lover of scrapbooking and just the idea of having one in my purse at all times made me all happy inside!!  So I was seriously tempted to purchase this Smash Folio but the cost was around $13.  So since I am on a budget I decided that I would not buy one and instead I would go home and create my own since I had all of the supplies already.  So today while my cousin was over I told her about the notebook and we both made one since we were feeling crafty!  I apologize for my lack of step by step photos as I was so excited to make this I completely forgot to take pictures until I had the whole notebook bound together...Oops!

So first I measured out how large I wanted the book to be and cut out the front and back cover out of a really thick picture frame mat.  I then went through my cardstock collection and picked out all of the pages that I wanted to use.  I used a variety of different sizes of paper so some pages are smaller than others but they do not exceed the size of the covers.  After I got my papers all cut to size I used my handy dandy Bind -It-All and bound the whole notebook together.

After all of those steps this is what it looked like.  The cover was nothing special because I just wanted to cover it with fabric anyways but I wanted to be thick and sturdy enough.  I then dug through my fabric collection and chose a piece that I wanted to use and then cut it out to cover the whole notebook.

I then started of with one end of the book and began gluing the fabric to the cover.  I made sure that it was pulled tight and glued down both covers and covered the wire binding.

The last thing I did was cut out two pieces of cardstock to cover up the rough edges of the glued fabric on the inside cover.

I am very happy with the way it turned out and I am excited to be able to craft on the road!  I plan on doing some headers on the top of some of the pages.  Some headings that I have already been thinking about are: Blog Ideas, Baby Names, Recipes To Look Up, Fave Thrift Shops, and the list goes on and on!!  If you are interested in buying a Smash Folio rather than creating your own click the link Smash Folio and you can find more info there.  I hope some of you feel inspired by this little project!  I cannot wait to fill this baby up!!

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