Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camping at Lake Lopez!

Last week we took a trip up north to my most favorite place, Pismo Beach!  We actually stayed at a campground by Lake Lopez which I equally love!  The lake is only about 15 miles inland which is not far at all!  Being up there makes my heart so happy!  It might be because when I was younger we would take our yearly camping trips there, so I have tons of awesome memories.  Whatever it is, just being there really clears my head and makes me feel like everything in life is perfect. (even though I was sick for part of this trip)

This was our first trip towing our own trailer and it was awesome!  Tonio did such a great job driving with the trailer, especially since it was his first time ever pulling anything.  The kids loved the whole trip,  riding in the boat, playing in the lake, going to the waterpark and just hanging out at the campground.  Deegan was Mr. Social and would wander through all of our family's trailers and visiting with them.  I didn't take many pictures because for awhile I was not feeling very good but I stole some that my sister took so that I could post on here.

Hanging out at the campground with my sister.

 Getting ready to take off on the boat.

 Playing at the lake.

 Sitting on the dock.

My Mom and Mother in law getting ready for our fish fry night!

Deegan showing his muscles!

 The Splash Cafe is the BEST place to eat in Pismo!

 All of my family lined up to eat at The Splash Cafe.

 My Mom and Dad.

 Autumn at Pismo.

Deegan at Pismo.

Grandma and Deegan.

Auntie Lindsay, Autumn and Deegan.

It really was a great trip and I love hanging out with my family!!  We had an awesome time and we cannot wait for the next trip!!