Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY Alphabet Jar

I have finally decided on a theme for the kids' bathroom!  It was actually kind of hard for me to come up with something that would suit both my daughter and my son.  So I went from themes like robots, mythical creatures, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse and finally decided on doing it in the alphabet.  It sounds like such a simple and plain theme but I have been doing a lot of research and finding tons different projects for me to make.  Right now I am making all the individual letter so that I can hang them on the wall in a sort of cluster.  So far I have 6 letters done so I am going to wait until I finished with all of them before I post pictures of that project.  However I have finished one project.  I wanted to paint some alphabet rocks  and I luckily had some river rocks that I had gotten from Target a few years ago for a fish tank.  So I washed the rocks with soap and water and painted each rock with a letter.  I just used acrylic paint and sprayed them all with a clear gloss to make them shiny.

These are the rocks that I used.

The rocks after I painted the letters and sprayed with shiny gloss.

I had a small glass bowl that I had from Autumn's birthday party.

So these will be going on a shelf in the bathroom just as a little alphabet accent.

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