Sunday, May 6, 2012

IE Food Truck Festival

Today we went to the Food Truck Festival at the Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario!!  I have been waiting for this day for a few months!  I have never been to one of these and I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of it!  Tonio and I went with my brother and sister and we had so much fun together!!  When we first got there we walked through them all to get an idea of what we wanted to try.  There were about 50 different trucks and all of them looked interesting.  Tonio wanted to try the Grilled Cheese truck but 
when we got there the line was huge!!  So we said forget that!!

So next we went and tried the eggroll truck and it was pretty good but nothing spectacular.

Then we went to the Rolling Sushi Van which was freaking awesome!! I got a shrimp tempura hand roll and I was in LOVE!!

Next we waited in a line that was just as long as the grilled cheese one so that Tonio could get some bacon deliciousness from Baconnation.  My stomach is still not quite ready for bacon so I only tried a taste of his stuff.  He ordered a bacon and cheese sandwich and a bacon and cheese crisp.  Basically it was fried cheese and bacon! GAH!

After the bacon madness we went back to the sushi truck and got another hand roll because it was so good!! While we were waiting in line for sushi Tonio and my brother went and got in the Chunk & Chip sandwich line which was a cookie ice cream sandwich and it was soooo good!  I ordered and Minteroni which was a two brownies with mint ice cream in the middle and Tonio got a Macadamia and Vanilla ice cream sandwich.

We really enjoyed walking around and looking at all of the different creations that the trucks had to offer.  Just hanging out with my family was tons of fun for me!  I would definitely go again and I look forward to the next one!

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