Saturday, May 19, 2012


So I guess an update is in order since I am a pretty terrible blogger.  Things have been pretty busy as always around here.  Seems like there is never any time to sit and do absolutely nothing.  I just want to be LAZY!

There has been some exciting news though!  We have finally hit the 20 weeks mark of this pregnancy and when I say we I mean ME hahahaha!  Last Wednesday we found out that we are going to be having another BOY!  It took awhile for us to wrap our minds around this since we had mentally prepared ourselves for another girl.  I think we thought it was going to be a girl because Autumn wanted a baby sister so badly!  When we told her it was a boy she was so angry!  I even got a video of her stomping her feet and throwing a fit!  It was so sad and hilarious at the same time!  Now she has gotten used to the idea of her having two brothers and she has seemed to have forgotten all about wanting a sister.  We are so excited to finally know what we are having because now it seems like it is for real even though the kicks that I have been feeling have been very real.  Now we can start planning, rearrange the room and actually go buy some of the things that we are going to need.  I have been going crazy and buying all sorts of cute little fabrics for our new little mister!  I would really love to find a fabric that I like so that I could make crib set and I am being pretty picky with things since I know this will be our last baby.  Anyways here are some pictures that make me smile!

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