Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Things I Love..

I feel like I am constantly changing interests.  My mind feels like it is always all over the place, going from one thing to another.  My thoughts are always racing through my brain.  But then I go back and look at everything that I love and they are all very similar to each other.  I just like a lot of stuff.. like seriously a lot.

Anyways for right now these are a couple of things that I love!

Right now I pretty much live in these tank tops.  They are from Target and they only cost $8!!  Oh and right now they are on sale for $5!  I have just about every color (even doubles on some) and they fit my pregnant body!  The best part is that they never lose their shape, they don't get all stretched out and baggy!  Amazing!!

Another thing I buy from Target is the original Noxzema face cleanser.  This pregnancy has in no way made me all glowy.  In fact if anything it has made things worse!  Anyways I am in love with Noxzema it makes my face feel all cool and super clean I use it every time I shower or before I go to bed and I LOVE it!  It is only about $4 and it lasts me at least a couple months and that is using it everyday.

As Halloween gets closer I get excited for two reasons.  One is because that means the holidays are right around the corner and that is my favorite time of the year!  And two because by Halloween we will have our little Finn!!  I pinned this awesome Halloween wreath on Pinterest and I can't wait to make it!!  It is perfect for the front door!

This scarf was on Etsy and I LOVE it!!  The seller had been selling the crochet pattern for it and now it isn't on there anymore!  I am so sad I wish that I had bought it when I had the chance.

So anyways those are a few things that I have been loving lately.  I hope everyone is having a great week and staying cool throughout this ridiculous heat!

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