Thursday, January 17, 2013


We went to Disneyland!  There were practically no lines it was perfect!  Hopefully in a couple months when Finn is a little bigger we will get our passes again.  Although I know he loved it!  I miss being able to go for a couple hours and just hang out with the kids without all of the pressure to see and do everything to get your moneys worth.  Anyways we had a great time being together and an added bonus hanging out with my lovely sister!  Just like the old days!  Plus Finn got his 1st Visit button!



  1. Aww so cute, I love Disney! I have not been since 1999! I live in England so it's not that easy to get to :P - My first time was 1996 when I went in February I was only 6 so can't remember much and was too small for most things but I loved it! 2nd time was California when I was 9, still too small but I LOVED IT ALSO! I am hoping to go again one day :) I get confused though, which one is Land and which one is world? :)

    hope you had as much fun as it looks like you did! xxx

    1. I have never been to the one in Florida! I would love to go someday! Disneyland is in California and Disney World is in Florida.

  2. *Florida not February although I did go in Feb lol sorry

  3. Jealous! I could use a Disney trip right now. My lover is deployed and I need distractions! looks like fun!

    : signe