Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Things I Do For Free Stuff!

I came across the greatest finds a couple days ago!!  My cousin Corina was over hanging out and we decided to go to the small thrift store down the street from my house.  I have come to love this little shop!  I always come out with something and this day in particular I came across a small old fashioned chalkboard.  It needs a lot of work and love but I have a beautiful vision of it finished and hanging in my living room!

I know it needs some work and luckily I already have the chalkboard paint to redo the board.  I cannot wait to start on this project!  Also when I went to the store employee to ask what the price was going to be he told me that I could have it!  I was so happy!!

So on the way home from the store we were coming up to my street when I noticed some furniture that had been placed outside of someones house on the curb.  I told Corina "Let's go see what they put out!" So we stopped and looked and they had a few cabinets that looked like they had been used in a garage.  They also had a large shelf with cupboards and glass doors.  We decided that the large shelf would be perfect in my craft area to help with organizing all of my lovely things!  We struggled putting this huge thing into Corina's SUV but we managed to get it in with half of it hanging out of the back!  Since we were so close to my house I held on to the back of the shelf so that it would not slip out when she took off.  As she drove I continued to hold it and basically ran with it while she drove to my house.  It was insane and hilarious and I am sure all of the cars that passed by thought we were crazy!  So anyways I got a new shelf! and it was FREE!  So now I need to paint it so that it will match our furniture.  That will be my goal for this weekend!  I will be sure to post pictures with my finished projects when I am finished.

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