Sunday, December 30, 2012

The New Year is Coming!

So it has been awhile since I have updated this little blog.  The busyness has been nonstop since Halloween and now that Christmas is over hopefully things will start to slow down.  All I want to do is hang out at home with my family.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve we are celebrating by staying home and drinking some sparkling grape juice.  I can't wait!  With it being New Years everyone is deciding what their resolutions will be.  Usually I don't even bother with them because I almost always forget about them about two weeks into January.  But this year, this year I will try harder and at least make it to March!  No seriously though there are some goals that I would like to accomplish this next year!

#1.  Lose weight!!  This goal is probably on top of 90% of everyone's resolutions!  But seriously  I lost a lot of weight while I was pregnant with Finn and then after I had him I lost even more so lets keep the ball rolling and lose more so that I can reach my goal weight!  I want to start eating healthier and I want the kids to have healthy eating habits.

#2.  Be more crafty!  I think that this year I did lots of crafting and I would like to keep it going and  do even more crafty things.  My house needs some major decor.  We have been living here for three and a half years and I feel like there is hardly anything going on with my walls.  Also I would really like to join in on some handmade swaps that I always see going on!!

#3.  Blog more!  I started this blog with the hopes of documenting most of our lives on here.  So far I have been a huge failure at doing so!  A couple months ago I got a really nice camera so be prepared for lots of photos because that is ...

#4.  Take more pictures!  Like I said I got a new camera and I am going to start bringing it with me everywhere. (almost everywhere..) My kids are growing so fast and I already wish I had more pictures of them.

So these are some goals that I would really like to accomplish this year!  I think that they are pretty realistic and that I just need to keep myself focused!  I am also looking for some new blogs to read!  So if anyone has some recommendations please send them my way!  I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!!  As always I will leave you with some pictures of my lovelies!

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