Monday, June 18, 2012


GAh the "pregnacy laziness" is BACK!  I thought I was done with this nonsense weeks ago!  All of a sudden I have been feeling lethargic all of the time and I can take naps all day and do nothing else.  I have too many projects going on and I do not have time to be tired all of the time.  We are in the middle of preparing for an upcoming camping trip and we have a lot of work to do.  My awesome parents just got us a small 19ft travel trailer and we are so excited to take it up north with the kids!  It needs a few little things cleaned up and repaired but other than that it is good to go!  Growing up, camping has always been something that we looked forward to year round.  Whether it was going to the lake or the beach (Pismo has always been my favorite place) it really didn't matter, just to get outside and away from home for a little bit was awesome.  I have so many great memories camping with my family I cannot wait to give the kids some great memories as well.

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