Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Time!

So the Christmas tree is up and for the most part decorated!  I am really happy with how all of my ornaments turned out.  I ended up looking for a cheaper way for me to make my ornaments and decided to use old ornaments that had been given to me.  The total cost for my ornaments came out to be just under $6!  It only took my a couple hours to finish all of them and I am so happy to cross this off of my "to do" list.  I came across this blog on how to use fabric to cover styrofoam balls and I loved the way they turned out!  So instead of styrofoam I used ornaments and a hot glue gun and they came out perfect!

After, I felt that the tree felt a little empty so I decorated some clear glass bulbs with silver glitter glue to add more sparkle! I LOVE sparkle! and leopard print!

It still feels a little empty I'm thinking about doing something to add a little red but we will see.  Now I am on to my wreath that will be going in my living room.  Busy day again! I love the holidays!

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